"There's no such thing as a solitary Christian."

John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church

Friday, July 22, 2016

Togetherness in Light of Separateness

Even though there are many problems in this country and world, there is no way that there is nothing but bad in the world. God would simply not allow that. I am not saying that this is the End of Times, because Jesus said that only God can know when that is going to happen, and we can not see signs of it coming before it actually comes. However, even in the End of Times (read the book of Revelation for details) there is not only pain and suffering. There is also saving, hope, and faith that everything will be better. Today is the first day that I will tell you about a certain time when God is really at work in this world. Today's story(ies) is(are) about the racial tension in our world, and how there's really not as much bigotry and fear in every police officer and in every black person in the country.

Deputy Powell of Columbus, Georgia walked in to his local Wal-Mart most likely not expecting what happened there. A young man named Avery Rosser stopped this police officer and prayed with him. In the "realm of prayer" there is no color or ethnicity, but the way we reach that realm is to deny color and ethnicity separation and come together as one. Everyone knows that God does not discriminate, and judges everyone fairly, and according to their decisions and love for Jesus. And I would hope that everyone knows that Jesus was not a white American, He was a middle-easterner that stood for everyone's freedom when they find God.

The Good News Network (the website where these stories were found) also included two more wonderful incidents like this one. The link is written at the bottom of this article, but I will share with you one more from this site.

A woman in Kentucky was stopped at a light when she saw a homeless man standing with a police officer praying on the side of the road. Of course she couldn't know what they were praying about, but it had to have been an amazing sight. She posted this on Facebook, and on the website below you can see the picture she posted along with this wonderful story she wanted to share.

Tune in next week for another uplifting news story! And tune in tomorrow for the next part of the devotion about evangelism! Have a great evening, and God bless!

The website below holds all of the stories I shared and more, and if you go to their home page you can read all of the good stories that are happening in this world:

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