"There's no such thing as a solitary Christian."

John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church

Saturday, July 23, 2016

July 23, 2016 Devotion: Showing Compassion

John 4: Jesus talks to a Samaritan Woman at a well in Samaria and brings her to God, when she comes aware of Him being the Messiah, she decides to follow Him.

When you begin to have a conversation with the intention of conversion, there is something you should keep in mind. Running up to someone and yelling in their face, "Confess your love for Jesus or you will go to Hell!" While this may be true, it tends to turn people people away. Talk to them about the problems and worries that are going on in their lives. Then, move on to find out why, or if, these problems turned them away from the Lord. Jesus did this with the Samaritan woman at the well too! He spoke kindly to her, listening to what she had to say, and then He said things that only she and God could know. She knew that He was the Messiah and spoke with Him as such.

Of course you cannot speak to someone and tell him or her things that only they could know. What you can do is listen to them, and then try to explain how it is possible that all of these trials could lead them to Jesus. Show them that there is joy in your life even in the hard times, only if you have Jesus. Show them that you know that they are having a hard time, but that you know that Jesus could really turn their lives around.

You can show people Jesus through the kindness that you show them. What happens next, though? Should you just walk away after being nice to them? Should you not inform them of the Gospel? Should you not stand strong by your faith, and help them to stand by theirs? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding NO! Keep tuning in so that you can learn what you can do to bring people to the Christian faith!

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