"There's no such thing as a solitary Christian."

John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church

Saturday, August 20, 2016

God's Not Dead 2

I just watched the movie, God's Not Dead 2, and I have to say that it really speaks to me. The original movie was amazing, and provided lots of reasons that God is surely alive, but the sequel really had more impact on me. It relates more to me, as high school Christian, struggling to keep my faith in a society where Jesus is hated. I'm not going to give a full review, other than fully recommending it for people who feel like they are having the same problems as Grace Wesley in the movie. You have the right to have your beliefs, and in the movie, they touch hardly on the idea of "separation between church and state." Expect a post soon about the separation between church and state, and how you can bring God into anything you do, and not have to worry about what other people think. Don't think about how many people you touch, but that you touch at least one person. Have a great night! God bless you all!

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